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Learning to Trade Successfully Shouldn't Be Overwhelming

The learning curve of the stock market is steep. Stock trading, in general, can be very volatile and overwhelming.

Knowing which stocks to choose, how to place a trade, how much to buy, or when to sell, there's a lot to it. It's complicated and time-consuming to learn how to trade successfully.

Most people don't have the time to learn how to trade well enough they can quit their job and start their retirement early.

We believe that finding success trading stocks should be easier. We make learning to trade painless so you can gain the freedom and mobility you deserve. 

Unsure about your trade? You're not alone. We remember those days! Many people are also...

  • Overwhelmed with information
  • Frustrated with choosing the wrong stocks
  • Afraid of losing their hard-earned money
  • Confused on where to even begin

You Deserve a Simpler Way to Retire Sooner With More Choices


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"As a newbie to trading, the weekend updates are perfect. You guys do all the research and heavy lifting so we can keep plugging away at that 9-5 job until the day we break free."

~ Bill H

Trading Stocks Successfully Should Be Easier

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"What more can you ask for? It's more than paid for itself while teaching about trading!"

~ Chris B

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Wanderer Prep Series

  • If you're new to trading, this is a great place to start your wandering journey. This Free option allows you to explore many of our most popular features while you learn the fundamental trading skills required to be a profitable trader.
  • Free weekly Stock to Watch e-mail with an actionable trade setup similar to those our members receive every day.
  • Access to our content library full of trading articles and insider tips for wanderers of all types.

1 Year Membership

  • Weekly market recap via our Weekend Update
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  • Guidance, support, and coaching from people who support their wandering lifestyle from these trades

2 Year Membership

  • Everything included in the One-Year Membership
  • Breathing room to learn and thrive without pressure
  • $200 instant savings

"I learned how to make a buy and sell and how to protect myself with a stop order...The results have been excellent, my gains have been significant. I could not be happier..."

~ Joe H

We teach people how to invest so they can become financially independent and live freely.

You work hard for what you have, and you're at a point where you want to stop working and have that money work for you. We understand how complicated the stock market can be and you don't want to waste time overcoming the learning curve to be successful. We understand you don't want to make the wrong choices. We know you're ready to start enjoying what you have worked so hard for.


  • Over 50+ Years of Combined Experience


  • Veteran Self-Funded Pit Trader at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade


  • Helped 1000's of people



"The information is relevant, comprehensible and most important, profitable. I quickly recovered the membership cost many times over. Last month I earned 96% of my monthly nut from trading and 67% of those gains came from Wanderer Financial trades. Thanks for the great service, Pat and Lorin."

~ Erik O

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