Our Portfolio Performance speaks for itself

With over 45 years of combined experience, we have developed a system that combines time and price in a way that minimizes risk, while getting us in at the very early stages of significant price moves. With our tried-and-true formula of carefully measuring risk against potential reward, we avoid major portfolio drawdowns. This system protects us from substantial losses, while at the same time keeps us in our winning trades long enough to maximize our profits. In other words, we cut our losses quickly, and let our winners run. Best of all, none of this requires us to be sitting in front of our computer screens all day.

While the camaraderie, mutual interests we all share, and the sense of community we get by being a part of the Wanderer Group has been rewarding for all involved, the bottom line is that we are all here to grow our portfolios through trading. Here’s how the Official Wanderer Subscriber Portfolio performed during its first official year from May 2017 through April 2018.

Our trading philosophy

Our trading philosophy is to keep it simple and safe, and you'll find those tenets on display throughout our website and newsletter. Over the years of funding our wandering lifestyle through trading, we have built trading techniques that are easy to understand and implement. Those techniques consist of carefully managing risk, precisely calculating the reward-to-risk ratio, exercising patience, and remembering that there’s more to life than computer screens and spreadsheets.
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Managing Risk

This comes from experience. New traders learn the hard way—or never learn—inevitably allowing trades to go painfully against them with the “hope” that it will turn around. Experience is what allows us to not let that happen.


We aren’t interested in betting on a coin toss. Using our trading indicators, we enter trades when we believe they have at least an 80% probability. A weighted coin, if you will. We never feel compelled to rush into a trade just to make something happen.

Reward to Risk

While we already wait for a high probability of success in a trade, we also don’t want to enter a trade that can’t earn us a high reward relative to the risk. At a minimum, a trade needs a reward:risk ratio of 2:1 to earn our consideration.


Our trading style allows us, and our subscribers, the freedom to wander. We discuss trades as they are setting up, determine appropriate entries and exits, place our orders, and let the trade do its work. No need to spend all your waking hours hovering over your trades.


With over 40 years of combined experience, Pat and Lorin are a formidable team, each with their unique area of focus. Together, their knowledge and expertise combine to deliver a safe and viable stock trading strategy.
Pat Schulte
Pat Schulte
Trader & Resident Wanderer
Pat began trading commodities straight out of college. He stood shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other pit traders in Chicago, managed his risk, and fled the city for travels around the world—visiting over sixty countries. He is now in his 20th year of trading, most of those on the high seas or on the road.
Lorin Riutta
Lorin Riutta
Trader & Chart Fiend
While the world was distracted by the tech bubble of the 90’s, Lorin was busy studying the undervalued metals market. His love of adventure prompted him to develop a trading system that is ideal for a traveler. After 20+ years of fine-tuning, he’s learned to spot setups with low-risk, high-reward probabilities that are perfect for the wandering lifestyle.

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