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How to Use the Options Calculator

To use a live version of the calculator, click here to visit the OMentoring Trading Tools Page. The Option Calculator can be used to easily calculate the quantity of at-the-money options you should trade in order to maximize your profit, while managing your risk. Let’s say you are looking to buy GM call options. GM[…]

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1849 Gold Dollar

How We Trade Gold

It’s no secret that we like to trade gold.  Our affinity for the yellow metal has nothing to do with its use as jewelry, store of value, or industrial use. We like to trade it because, over the last several years, there has been a predictable pattern in which it rallies strongly near the end[…]

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Death, Taxes, Brave Soldiers & Doomed Tax Collectors

Death and taxes. They say those are the only two things we can count on in life. America’s birthday reminds us of both—the settlers who fought to their death, and the high taxes they fought to free us from. Taxes can be a funny thing. Many of America’s original settlers were folks who would get[…]