4/28/21 Today’s Market

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Wanderer Basecamp is where we gather every day to discuss the markets. This is a great place for you to ask questions, point out interesting stocks, or let the group know about any news. We constantly point out interesting trade setups and stocks that are getting close to nice signals. And when we say no question is too basic we really mean it. Please ask questions, as that is truly the best way to learn, and if you have a question the chances are great that someone else is wondering the same thing.

So say good morning, let us know where you're checking in from, tell us what you have your eye on, show us a picture from your trading desk, and ask questions.

Pat will spend Mondays with you. This is a great time specifically to ask about stocks, charts, and especially options trading. Lorin will be in on Thursdays and is a great resource for discussing Gold/Silver trades, bonds, and all things related to the economy. The rest of the week we will do our best to check in on the chat, but will focus most of our energy on other things trading and Wanderer related. However, this community of Wanderers is exceptional, and the chat and questions will carry on well regardless.

If you're new to the chat, start by reading this: Chat Tips

Now, let's get on with the fun!

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