A Tiny Slice of a Big Pie

Newsletter # 146—Tiny Slice, Big Pie

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s time, once again, for the experts to make their predictions about what the markets will do in the year ahead. “The Dow is going to 50,000,” says one. “It’s going to collapse,” says another. While these types of predictions get them on CNBC, and sell subscriptions, they serve absolutely no useful[…]

Wanderer Financial Happy New Year 2018

Newsletter #145—Farewell 2017

Our money series is going to have to wait again, as we have too much to cover this week. Another year is in the books. For some it was a year to forget—for others, a breakthrough year. For us here at Wanderer Financial, it was a special year indeed. After much planning and prepping, we[…]

Merry Christmas from Wanderer Financial

Newsletter 144—’Tis the Season

Merry Christmas, everyone! Today’s newsletter is going to be very short so that everyone can devote time to family and fun. We just wanted to review a few charts of the trades we currently have on, so everyone is up to speed. Its been a very good week, and hopefully, it will keep getting better.[…]

Newsletter #143 Headfake or Stop Run?

With markets setting up as they are, we are going to take a break this week from our “money” series, and focus on the current setups. We have a lot to cover this week so we will get right to it. First, let’s cover the metals. Precious Metals Since we’re going to show you how[…]

The Hidden Tax Wanderer Financial

Newsletter #142—The Good Old Days

The Old Farmer I recently visited with an old farmer in a nursing home. At ninety-five, his body was beaten up from years of hard work, but his mind was still sharp as a tack. I took a look at his gnarled old hands and noticed both thumbs were missing. Thinking it might be a[…]

Newsletter #141—The End of the Golden Era

Good Sunday morning, everyone. If you remember, we left off last week with Nixon facing an echo of the problem FDR had to deal with in the 1930’s—however, Nixon’s was on an international level, rather than a domestic one. In short, this time it was France forcing America’s hand, by demanding gold at the $35[…]