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About Lorin Riutta

While the world was distracted by the tech bubble of the 90’s, Lorin was busy studying the undervalued metals market. As a guest contributor on, his expertise on the metals market is valued far and wide. His love of adventure prompted him to develop a trading system that is ideal for a traveler. After 20+ years of fine-tuning, he’s learned to spot setups with low-risk, high-reward probabilities that are perfect for the wandering lifestyle. His thirst for adventure and willingness to step out of his comfort zone has allowed him to enjoy some epic adventures with his family. He and his wife of over 20 years have two boys. Together, the four of them have traveled the US, each on their own motorcycle. They have enjoyed traveling in motor homes and custom vans and have even traveled the east coast via a sailboat. In general they have tried to spend as much time together as possible before their boys grew up and moved away. They live life to the fullest, and show no sign of stopping.

Using the RSI

What is the Relative Strength Index? Do you want a technical definition, or do you just want to know how it can be useful? According to Investopedia, the relative strength index, (RSI) is a momentum … read more Using the RSI

An Energy Update

Almost Winter On July 17 we wrote a blog post titled running-out-of-energy .  In there, we discussed the brewing energy crisis in Europe. Then, we said we suspect the energy crisis will become front and center in … read more An Energy Update

Bitcoin Volatility is Here to Stay

Why is Bitcoin so volatile? On my phone, I get alerts whenever something is on the move in the financial world. Nothing alerts me more often than cryptocurrency. The most common message I get is … read more Bitcoin Volatility is Here to Stay

Supply Shock—Is the Worst Over?

Fearing the Worst When Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year, the whole world understandably panicked. Predictions of mass starvation were bandied about, and with some reason. A total of 345 million people are in danger … read more Supply Shock—Is the Worst Over?

Stacking the Deck

Stocks can go up, down, and up and down. At any given moment, the price can rise or fall for a host of factors. A financial whale could be making a large purchase that could … read more Stacking the Deck

Running out of Energy

A Cold Shower As a kid, I grew up in a miner’s household. That typically meant feast or famine, depending on the economy. When the economy was humming along, my dad had as much work … read more Running out of Energy

Inflation—A Closer Look

Inflation—What’s Next? Inflation! Now there is a word that faded from economic memory for the past few decades. Most of us have little to no experience with how to operate in an inflationary environment. Although … read more Inflation—A Closer Look

The Crypto Crash

Buy the Dip or Sell the Rip? Spoiler alert, the fun is over for now in crypto land. The entire sector had a great run. Really, a GREAT run. But, all good things must come … read more The Crypto Crash

When Stocks Get Ahead of Themselves

Valuation Compression Awww, a good old correction. Nice to get that out of the way, so stocks are cheap again, right? Well, ummm. There are two ways stocks can decline. Either the premium paid for … read more When Stocks Get Ahead of Themselves

Crypto Carves a Path

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Thirteen years ago, Bitcoin was introduced. According to its most ardent believers, it would replace the world’s financial system. Today, Bitcoin makes up just 0.2% of international remittances, … read more Crypto Carves a Path