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Cryptocurrency Dreaming

The Big What If What if my Dogecoin goes to $10? What if Cardano goes to $1,000? What if, what if, what if. It’s easy to get caught up in crypto hysteria and completely disregard … read more Cryptocurrency Dreaming

Bitcoin—How It Works, In Layman’s Terms

Using Cryptocurrency Remember Grandpa? From our last post about Bitcoin? Yeah, that nice old farmer who sold potatoes. He’d give you a small sack of potatoes and in return you’d hand him a $1 bill. … read more Bitcoin—How It Works, In Layman’s Terms

Financial Lessons and Investing Basics for Kids
Kids Investing—Explaining ETFs

Investing In Your Interests When I started out investing with my kids our first order of business was to buy stock in companies that they know and like. I think it’s an important step to … read more Kids Investing—Explaining ETFs

Options Stop Orders

Creating Stop Orders for Options Trades At Wanderer we preach the need for using stops on trades. Without knowing your risk you can’t accurately calculate your reward-to-risk, and without that it’s impossible to determine if … read more Options Stop Orders

Stock Trading Basics
Volume as a Trade Indicator

Volume Volume is simply a measure of how many shares of stock have traded over a given period of time. It’s one of the most basic and accessible numbers out there, but can still provide … read more Volume as a Trade Indicator

Stock Trading Basics
How to Choose a Target Price

Target Prices Sometimes in trading it is easier to see where a stop should be placed to limit the potential downside of a trade, than it is to find a suitable target price for the … read more How to Choose a Target Price

Wanderer Financial Basecamp Private Members Group
Cost of Boat Life

A January in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands I’ve been a full-time Wanderer since 2003, and if I’ve learned anything it is that there is no such thing as a monthly budget. Budgets on boats … read more Cost of Boat Life

Dividend Portfolio
Dividend Portfolio 1-Year Anniversary

Dividend Portfolio 1-Year Recap The Wanderer Dividend Portfolio just turned one. It was a risky time to begin a long-term dividend portfolio, but we believed that the March ’20 coronavirus induced market drop presented an … read more Dividend Portfolio 1-Year Anniversary

Stock Trading Basics
The Wanderer Breakout Trade

There are an infinite number of ways to trade a chart. At Wanderer we’ve got a few favorites, and some are easier than others. The Wanderer Breakout Trade is among the most straightforward, high reward-to-risk … read more The Wanderer Breakout Trade

Stock Trading Basics
Small Account—How To Get Started

Getting Started Recently one of our Wanderer subscribers asked: Any insight for folks asking for trading advice who don’t have a lot to invest (sub $5k)? Other than, “work harder, save faster” of course. 😉 … read more Small Account—How To Get Started