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One of our big goals at Wanderer Financial is to teach our subscribers enough for them to become independent traders. That doesn't mean that they'll all go off on their own after they learn how to trade with us, but instead that they will be able to spot trade setups, assess risk, and decide for themselves the optimal way to make the trade.

I started out as an options trader, and option trading is how Wanderer began years ago when it was called OMentoring. I enjoy teaching people how to trade options, and for those who want to take their Wanderer trading to the next level, Basecamp is the place to come to learn. Options aren't all we focus on in the group, but for short-term trade setups, options are often ideal.

Here I'd just like to show an example of how things work in Basecamp as you learn and become more comfortable with trading. Before the market opens each day I go through my charts and often post a few that I think show strong trade potential. This morning QCOM was one of those:

You can see here that we point out a stock with a specific level that we think it is a good buy. We teach our Wanderers how to set alerts, so that when that $82.20 level is hit they'll know what to do. And we always encourage questions. In this case we were asked about buying calls. We gave specific instructions saying that call options would be great here. Our subscribers, after going through our videos and hanging out in Basecamp asking questions for a few weeks, know what to do with that information.

Now comes the best part for us, seeing our Wanderers take the information given and turn it into action. I had checked out for the afternoon, but at 2:49 QCOM ticked across our $82.20 number. Within seconds Wanderer traders were placing their QCOM call orders. And from there the stock just exploded, and along with it, their calls. When the market closed an hour later they were up anywhere from 35-50%.

This happens day in and day out at Wanderer's Basecamp. Not every trade is an instant winner, of course, but our traders have also been taught how to manage risk in order to mitigate any loss. So, if you're interested in becoming a more active and educated trader, join us at Wanderer Financial.

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