Europe Bundles Up

Bundling Up On July 17 we wrote a blog post titled running-out-of-energy . In there, we discussed the brewing energy crisis in Europe. Then, we said we suspect the energy crisis will become front and center in … read more Europe Bundles Up

Stock Trading Basics
Total Investing Newbie—Where do I begin?

Overwhelmed by Investing? Too often in life we know what we want to do, know what we need to do, but get overwhelmed by the process involved in getting it done. Everyone knows that they should … read more Total Investing Newbie—Where do I begin?

Swimming Naked

Crypto and Naked Swimmers “When the tide goes out, we get to see who has been swimming naked.”     Warren Buffet A bull market will camouflage market vulnerabilities. As capital flows into stocks, the … read more Swimming Naked

Rolling Options Forward

Rolling Options The act of closing an open option position while simultaneously opening a new, mostly similar, option position via a spread. Reasons for Rolling Options There are two main reasons you might want to … read more Rolling Options Forward

The Burn

Burn Rate Do you know what you spend in a month? What your “burn rate” is? This number is every bit as important as how much you make. After all, it’s one part of the … read more The Burn

Leads and Lags

Sticking the Landing Ok, so the world’s central banks did the hard part and raised rates at the fastest pace in decades. So why are we still reading about persistent inflation? Rate hikes typically work … read more Leads and Lags

Stock Trading Basics
Bolster with Beta

What is Beta? BETA—A measure of the volatility of a security compared to the market as a whole.  Beta is a simple measure of volatility of an individual security relative to the market as a … read more Bolster with Beta

Something is Going to Break

The Rising Dollar and the Broken System Here at Wanderer, we have been warning that the strengthening dollar is going to break things. Sometimes we need to wait for a while before the obvious eventuates. … read more Something is Going to Break

The Doom Loop

Do Deficits Matter? Here at Wanderer, we pay attention to interest rates and their trajectory. So, it’s not a secret to us that rates are rising, and money is becoming more scarce. So far, we’ve … read more The Doom Loop

Useful Tips for Online Wanderers

Safely Wandering As a Wanderer I tend to end up using a wide variety of different internet connections, while dragging my computers all over the place. One day I’m on my boat trading via my … read more Useful Tips for Online Wanderers