The Doom Loop

Do Deficits Matter? Here at Wanderer, we pay attention to interest rates and their trajectory. So, it’s not a secret to us that rates are rising, and money is becoming more scarce. So far, we’ve … read more The Doom Loop

Useful Tips for Online Wanderers

Safely Wandering As a Wanderer I tend to end up using a wide variety of different internet connections, while dragging my computers all over the place. One day I’m on my boat trading via my … read more Useful Tips for Online Wanderers

Fed Meeting Update

Sept 21, 2022, Fed Meeting This afternoon at two, the Federal Reserve will announce their latest interest rate decision and will follow that with a press conference at 2:30. These events are notorious for causing … read more Fed Meeting Update

Using the RSI

What is the Relative Strength Index? Do you want a technical definition, or do you just want to know how it can be useful? According to Investopedia, the relative strength index, (RSI) is a momentum … read more Using the RSI

An Energy Update

Almost Winter On July 17 we wrote a blog post titled running-out-of-energy .  In there, we discussed the brewing energy crisis in Europe. Then, we said we suspect the energy crisis will become front and center in … read more An Energy Update

Bitcoin Volatility is Here to Stay

Why is Bitcoin so volatile? On my phone, I get alerts whenever something is on the move in the financial world. Nothing alerts me more often than cryptocurrency. The most common message I get is … read more Bitcoin Volatility is Here to Stay

What to do with a Stock to Watch

What is a Stock to Watch? Each week we send our Wanderer free subscribers a Wednesday Stock to Watch (STW)—while our subscribers receive these sorts of picks throughout the week. The STW is a trade … read more What to do with a Stock to Watch

Supply Shock—Is the Worst Over?

Fearing the Worst When Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year, the whole world understandably panicked. Predictions of mass starvation were bandied about, and with some reason. A total of 345 million people are in danger … read more Supply Shock—Is the Worst Over?

Investing in Dividend Stocks

Investing in dividend stocks can be a great investment strategy. Dividend stocks provide two sources of return: regular income from dividend payments and capital appreciation of the stock price. This is why so many Wanderers … read more Investing in Dividend Stocks

Stacking the Deck

Stocks can go up, down, and up and down. At any given moment, the price can rise or fall for a host of factors. A financial whale could be making a large purchase that could … read more Stacking the Deck