Cup and Handle Chart Pattern

Definition The cup-and-handle chart pattern is a bullish technical setup. While there is some interpretation involved, it’s a nice pattern because of its simplicity, and its similarity to a straightforward breakout pattern. In the end, … read more Cup and Handle Chart Pattern

Running out of Energy

A Cold Shower As a kid, I grew up in a miner’s household. That typically meant feast or famine, depending on the economy. When the economy was humming along, my dad had as much work … read more Running out of Energy

Inflation—A Closer Look

Inflation—What’s Next? Inflation! Now there is a word that faded from economic memory for the past few decades. Most of us have little to no experience with how to operate in an inflationary environment. Although … read more Inflation—A Closer Look

Housing Prices

Inflation Adjusted Housing Occasionally, when I visit my father-in-law I get into “converstations” about the state of the world, as tends to happen when people of two different generations come together. Unlike many people, we … read more Housing Prices

The Crypto Crash

Buy the Dip or Sell the Rip? Spoiler alert, the fun is over for now in crypto land. The entire sector had a great run. Really, a GREAT run. But, all good things must come … read more The Crypto Crash

Good Reads

We read a lot. And most of it is related to two particular subjects, trading/finance/economics (we’ll call that one subject), and travel. Both of which seem quite applicable to those at Wanderer Financial. Here’s our … read more Good Reads

When Stocks Get Ahead of Themselves

Valuation Compression Awww, a good old correction. Nice to get that out of the way, so stocks are cheap again, right? Well, ummm. There are two ways stocks can decline. Either the premium paid for … read more When Stocks Get Ahead of Themselves

Crypto Carves a Path

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Thirteen years ago, Bitcoin was introduced. According to its most ardent believers, it would replace the world’s financial system. Today, Bitcoin makes up just 0.2% of international remittances, … read more Crypto Carves a Path

Inflating Our Way Out

Rate Hikes and Soft Landings The Fed has backed itself into a corner. Whether it be the Greenspan put or the taper tantrum, all eyes are on the fed and it has its hands full. … read more Inflating Our Way Out

Wandering Life
Some Things I’ve Learned

Things I’ve Learned While Sailing and Driving Around the World In 2003, at the age of twenty-nine, my wife and I went from living and working in downtown Chicago, to pre-retirement and sailing around the … read more Some Things I’ve Learned