When you are floating around Google or Yahoo, or really just about any finance site, you’re going to come across a quote page like the one below. They are all pretty standard, so let’s quickly go through a finance.yahoo quote page for Apple stock.


$220.23 is the last price that the stock traded at.

+0.33 (+0.15%) is the change from yesterday’s closing price. When stock prices are down they are shown in red, when they are up they are shown in green. This is universal and allows you to see at a glance what your portfolio of stocks is doing if you’ve got it set up on Yahoo or Google or your trading platform. You’ll see red and green on charts as well. Same thing, red is lower, green is higher.

Prev Close: $219.90 is the price the stock closed at the end of the previous trading session.

Open: $219.96 is the price the stock opened at this morning. If you’re checking in later in the day it’s often useful to take a quick look at this and compare it to the current price to see what the stock has been doing. Of course you can also look at the chart.

Bid: $219.95 x 900 means that the highest price someone is willing to buy the stock at right this moment is $219.95 and they are willing to buy 900 shares.

Ask: $220.00 x 800 means the lowest price that someone is willing to sell the stock at right this moment is $220.00 and they are willing to sell 800 shares.

This is a “tight” bid/ask spread, as it is only a nickel wide on a stock that costs over $200. In general, the high volume stocks such as AAPL will have a tight spread, and the lower the volume the stock has the wider the spread will be (as a percentage).

Day’s Range: 219.13-220.59 shows the total range of prices the stock has traded at throughout the current day.

52wk Range: 142.00-233.47 shows the range the stock has traded in over the previous 52 weeks. It’s useful to glance at this to give you a quick overview of how the stock has performed. Better to look at a chart, but this is for quick reference.

Volume: 10,726,507 Total number of shares that have traded so far today. Combined with the average volume posted right below it you can get an idea if the stock is “going crazy” today or if it’s just business as usual.

Avg Vol (3m): 26,291,609 This is the average daily volume (# of shares traded) over the last three months.

Market Cap: 995.259B This is the total value of the company. It is calculated by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the current share price.

Beta: 1.08 This is actually an interesting number. Beta is a measure of the volatility of a stock versus the volatility of the overall market. In the case of AAPL and most (if not all) tech companies the beta is higher than 1.00. In this case AAPL stock is theoretically 8% more volatile than the market. When trading (versus investing) we often like to see higher numbers because we want the stock to move. No sense trading something that is just going to sit there doing nothing.

PE Ratio (ttm): 18.70 The PE is based on Apple’s share price divided by its earnings per share.  P/E is a measure of a stocks valuation. It can be used to compare it against other comparable stocks in its industry determine whether a stock is under or overvalued. Whether it is important is very subjective and can’t be used on its own, but is a noteworthy number none the less. A stock with negative earnings per share has no P/E.

EPS (ttm): 11.78 This is the earnings per share over the last twelve months (ttm=trailing twelve months).

Earnings Date: Oct 30, 2019 – Nov 4, 2019 This is always important to know when trading. Earnings reports are quite often very volatile periods. Fine, if you are trading based on what you think is going to happen during the earnings report, but not good at all if you traded the stock and didn’t even realize earnings were the next day. In this case there are a range of dates listed because the company hasn’t officially announced when the next report would be released.

Forward Dividend & Yield: 3.08 (1.40%) Dividend and Yield. $3.08 is the dividend Apple pays per share. 1.40% is the dividend/current share price.

Ex-Dividend Date 2019-08-09 If you own the stock before this date you are entitled to the dividend.

1y Target Est: $224.48 This number is sort of ridiculous really. It’s a mysterious average of analyst’s estimates of where the stock will be trading in a year. If we could rely on this number we’d all be very rich and nobody would ever lose money in the stock market. I challenge you to find a Target Estimate that is lower than the stock price. I just tried twenty stocks and didn’t find one even close.