Member Trades

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Member Trades is a great spot to share and learn from each other’s trades. The only thing we ask is that you post trades in a timely manner. It doesn’t do anyone any good if a trade is mentioned two … read more Member Trades

1/4/21 Today’s Market

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Wanderer Basecamp is where we gather to discuss everything from the markets, to travel, to a favorite book. We really do think of this as a place to converse with like-minded folks who are here to not just trade stocks, … read more 1/4/21 Today’s Market

Shoot the Breeze

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Shoot the Breeze is the spot to share anything you like. Watch a good movie you think others would like? Read a good book or an interesting article? Have an Airbnb that other Wanderers might like to stay at? Wondering … read more Shoot the Breeze

How to Use the Wanderer Chat

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PRIVACY Wanderer’s chat uses Hyvor Talk. We listened to our Wanderer’s concerns regarding the privacy of our previous chat (using Facebook) and worked hard to find a solution. We believe we’ve found that in Hyvor, and we encourage you to … read more How to Use the Wanderer Chat

Travel Talk

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Travel Talk is a home for us Wanderers to share the world with each other. We love to talk about where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Got a question about building out an adventure van? Wanderers have done that. … read more Travel Talk