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Wanderer Financial Options Trading Risk Calculator

How to Use the Options Calculator

To use a live version of the calculator, click here to visit the OMentoring Trading Tools Page. The Option Calculator can be used to easily calculate the quantity of at-the-money options you should trade in order to maximize your profit, while managing your risk. Let’s say you are looking to buy GM call options. GM[…]

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Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter - How to Trade Options with Omentoring One on One

Making Your First Option Trade

OMentoring trade alerts come to you through our Slack chat. Whenever an official trade is made, we post it in the #om-trades channel with the tag “-OM Trade-“. You can set up alerts through Slack using that as a keyword, or just to alert you whenever something new is posted in that channel. Here is[…]

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9/20 Crossover

Moving Average Crossovers Moving average crossovers are a commonly used indicator among technical analysis traders. Each trader has his favorite, the 50/200, the 10/20, the 20/50—all are viable indicators. We use our own, the 9-Day EMA/20-Day SMA. Briefly, a 9-Day EMA is an Exponential Moving Average, which means more weight is being given to the[…]

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