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The Italian Job–Understanding the Secondary Bond Market

There is an old Albanian expression that says you can’t take a swim and not get wet. In Bulgaria, the same conundrum is described as the wolf can’t be fed, and the lamb intact. The Hungarians refer to the same problem by saying, It is impossible to ride two horses with one butt. You and[…]

As traders, we need to become masters at managing risk.

The Importance of Managing Risk

The concept of Risk Management is one of our core concepts here at Wanderer Financial. Why? Because properly managing risk is the single biggest factor in determining whether or not a trader will make money or lose money over the long haul. Understanding and managing risk is the key principle that separates wise, experienced traders,[…]

How to Trade Cycles

How to Trade Cycles

Cycles—The Rhythm of the Market There is an adage in the stock market that says, “Sell in May, and go away.” There also is the January effect, the Halloween indicator, and several other well worn terms. What these phrases have in common is they refer to certain patterns that tend to repeat with predictable regularity.[…]