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Swimming Naked

Crypto and Naked Swimmers “When the tide goes out, we get to see who has been swimming naked.”     Warren Buffet A bull market will camouflage market vulnerabilities. As capital flows into stocks, the … read more Swimming Naked

Bitcoin Volatility is Here to Stay

Why is Bitcoin so volatile? On my phone, I get alerts whenever something is on the move in the financial world. Nothing alerts me more often than cryptocurrency. The most common message I get is … read more Bitcoin Volatility is Here to Stay

The Crypto Crash

Buy the Dip or Sell the Rip? Spoiler alert, the fun is over for now in crypto land. The entire sector had a great run. Really, a GREAT run. But, all good things must come … read more The Crypto Crash

Crypto Carves a Path

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Thirteen years ago, Bitcoin was introduced. According to its most ardent believers, it would replace the world’s financial system. Today, Bitcoin makes up just 0.2% of international remittances, … read more Crypto Carves a Path

Financial Cryptonite

I recently listened to an interview of a pilot that was involved in the rescue of Afghani refugees during the USA’s withdrawal. This pilot was an Afghani native that lived in the US and when … read more Financial Cryptonite

El Salvador’s Bitcoin City

A New Frontier President Bukele of El Salvador has big plans for his country. After guiding the country to become the first in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, he laid out his … read more El Salvador’s Bitcoin City

What is DeFi?

Zoom function is not active. What is DeFi – Decentralized Finance According to Wikipedia: Decentralized Finance is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to … read more What is DeFi?

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Bitcoin Finally Has An ETF

What is BITO? The first bitcoin focused ETF made its trading debut last week. The ProShares ETF, BITO, climbed most of it’s opening day with almost a $1billion worth of shares changing hands over the … read more Bitcoin Finally Has An ETF

Ledger—Securing Your Crypto

What is a Hardware Wallet? When you buy crypto through a brokerage, like Coinbase, it is stored in a wallet that they control, not you. It can be thought of like a bank. The bank holds … read more Ledger—Securing Your Crypto

Should I Own Cryptocurrency?

Is Crypto For Me? Until now, we discussed what Bitcoin and Ethereum are and what their function is. Today, we’re going to talk about where cryptocurrency might belong in your personal financial strategy. Since people … read more Should I Own Cryptocurrency?