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Act 22—The Individual Investors Act of Puerto Rico & Why You Might Care

As traders, investors, and digital nomads, our curiosity gets piqued when we hear things like, “It’s the perfect place for traders.” or “If you work remotely, you have to check it out.” In this case, these loaded statements are in reference to Act 22 of Puerto Rico. At first we let it go in one[…]

Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter - A Visit to China To See the Truth About the Trade War With China -

China’s Become the New King of The Hill–Even if You Don’t Know It

China is a backward, communist country that is overpopulated with poor, oppressed people—or so I was taught. Today, I still hear Americans refer to China as a backward, communist country. But propaganda is a funny thing. It’s similar to an accent, where you think only other people are afflicted with a strange voice, but you[…]