1849 Gold Dollar

How We Trade Gold

It’s no secret that we like to trade gold.  Our affinity for the yellow metal has nothing to do with its use as jewelry, store of value, or industrial use. We like to trade it because, over the last several years, there has been a predictable pattern in which it rallies strongly near the end[…]

Wanderer Financial - Stock Trading Strategies - the secondary bond market

The Italian Job–Understanding the Secondary Bond Market

There is an old Albanian expression that says you can’t take a swim and not get wet. In Bulgaria, the same conundrum is described as the wolf can’t be fed, and the lamb intact. The Hungarians refer to the same problem by saying, It is impossible to ride two horses with one butt. You and[…]

Galton Box

Trading for Success the Galton Board Way.

Most inexperienced traders believe the key to successful trading lies in having superior predictive abilities. They think the pros must simply be better at picking the winners, and associate correct predictions with brilliance. However, successful trading is much more about money management and controlling risk than it is about being able to predict the future.[…]

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