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1849 Gold Dollar

How We Trade Gold

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It’s no secret that we like to trade gold.  Our affinity for the yellow metal has nothing to do with its use as jewelry, store of value, or industrial use. We like to trade it because, over the last several … read more How We Trade Gold

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Death, Taxes, Brave Soldiers & Doomed Tax Collectors

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Death and taxes. They say those are the only two things we can count on in life. America’s birthday reminds us of both—the settlers who fought to their death, and the high taxes they fought to free us from. Taxes … read more Death, Taxes, Brave Soldiers & Doomed Tax Collectors

Galton Box

Trading for Success the Galton Board Way

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Most inexperienced traders believe the key to successful trading lies in having superior predictive abilities. They think the pros must simply be better at picking the winners, and associate correct predictions with brilliance. However, successful trading is much more about … read more Trading for Success the Galton Board Way

The private traders edge

The Private Trader’s Edge

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Can you really make money in the stock market?  After all, don’t the professional traders have the edge? Well, yeah, they have a lot of advantages you or I don’t have, but we, as private traders, have one advantage that … read more The Private Trader’s Edge

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