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Trading for Success the Galton Board Way.

Most inexperienced traders believe the key to successful trading lies in having superior predictive abilities. They think the pros must simply be better at picking the winners, and associate correct predictions with brilliance. However, successful trading is much more about money management and controlling risk than it is about being able to predict the future.[…]

As traders, we need to become masters at managing risk.

The Importance of Managing Risk

The concept of Risk Management is one of our core concepts here at Wanderer Financial. Why? Because properly managing risk is the single biggest factor in determining whether or not a trader will make money or lose money over the long haul. Understanding and managing risk is the key principle that separates wise, experienced traders,[…]

How to Trade Cycles

How to Trade Cycles

Cycles—The Rhythm of the Market There is an adage in the stock market that says, “Sell in May, and go away.” There also is the January effect, the Halloween indicator, and several other well worn terms. What these phrases have in common is they refer to certain patterns that tend to repeat with predictable regularity.[…]

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