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Newsletter #186—Stairs Up, Elevator Down

“Bulls take the stairs, Bears take the elevator.” It happens time and time again in the stock market. Bull rallies tend to happen slowly over time, working their way higher as money comes into the market. But when the selling starts and panic sets in, the bears take the elevator. While an investor might only[…]

Wanderer Financial - Stock Trading Newsletter - Trade for a living - Rising Interest Rates

Newsletter #185—Rising Rates

  Stock Market In the previous newsletter, we posted a chart of the Dow and the Russell 2000 and pointed out the mixed messages that the US indexes were providing, depending on which index you looked at. Although we had stated that the price action in the Dow was bullish, it was also overdue for[…]

Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter - Mixed Signals

Newsletter #184—Mixed Signals

With major world events unfolding simultaneously, the environment of uncertainty persists. This week Bloomberg reports that the EU is ramping up emergency plans in the event they are unable to reach a Brexit deal with Britain by the mid-November deadline. The Brexit negotiations are reaching their most crucial phase as the deadline nears, and there[…]

Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter America's Piggy Bank

Newsletter #183—America’s Piggy Bank

Americans have enjoyed falling mortgage rates for years. Since most home buyers buy as much house as their monthly income will allow, falling rates have meant rising prices. If you can afford a thousand bucks per month for a house, and rates fall, it means you can buy a more expensive home without having to[…]

Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter - Trade for a Living - Chop Chop

Newsletter #182—Chop Chop

This week our hearts and minds go out to those in the path of Hurricane Florence. Florence slammed parts of the East Coast with rain and wind, and first responders were scrambling to help those in need. Occasionally, Mother Nature humbles us with her awesome power and reminds us how powerless we really are. As[…]

Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter Caution Ahead Trading for a Living

Newsletter #181 Caution Ahead

  Stock Market Last week, we suggested that although the breakout in the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 were bullish, it paid to be cautious because a move into a cycle low was due, and even a normal pullback into a cycle low could print bearish failed breakout patterns. With the benefit of hindsight,[…]