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Newsletter #173—Soggy Dollars

Most everyone has a morning routine. Whether it is knocking out a few pushups to get the blood pumping, or jumping into a cold shower to get the eyes fully open, we all develop habits that work for us. Mine is to roll over, grab my phone, check the Asian and European markets, and see[…]

Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter - Trading for a Living

Newsletter #172—Stars and Stripes

Death and taxes. They say those are the only two things we can count on in life. America’s birthday reminds us of both—the settlers who fought to their death, and the high taxes they fought to free us from. Taxes can be a funny thing. Many of America’s original settlers were folks who would get[…]

Newsletter #171—Waiting for the Swing

  Stock Market Friday marked the end of the week, month, quarter, and the first half of the trading year. For fund managers, it is a time to perform some “window dressing”. Mutual fund performance reports, and fund holdings, are usually sent to investors each quarter, so fund managers try to show that they own[…]

Wanderer Financial - Stock Trading Newsletter - Trading For A Living Head Fake

Newsletter #170—Head Fakes and False Starts

Stock Market Since 1990, the DOW has dropped eight days in a row on only four different occasions. During the 9/11 disaster, the ’08 financial crisis, in 2011 when Europe was on the brink of breaking apart due to near insolvency of some of its largest members, and finally, this past week. The previous three[…]