Wandering Life

My Work Life

My entire working life has revolved around trading. First at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, and then in the pits of the Chicago Board of Trade—screaming, jumping, and waving my hands in the air all day long in an effort to make a market for anyone looking to buy or sell soybeans. You’d be amazed at[…]

Boat Trading

Remote workers. Digital nomads. Whatever the term of the moment is for it, the ability to work with nothing but a computer and an internet connection has become a life goal for many. And it’s never been as attainable as it is now. We recently spent a few weeks in the Bay Islands of Honduras.[…]

Wanderer Financial Stock Trading Newsletter - Lorin Riutta Digital Nomad & Wanderer

Act 22—The Individual Investors Act of Puerto Rico & Why You Might Care

As traders, investors, and digital nomads, our curiosity gets piqued when we hear things like, “It’s the perfect place for traders.” or “If you work remotely, you have to check it out.” In this case, these loaded statements are in reference to Act 22 of Puerto Rico. At first we let it go in one[…]

Finding Pesos, Exploring Mexico

Getting Those Pesos

You’re a Wanderer, in Mexico, and need money. What’s the best way to get it? In the States, like most people, I use a high rewards credit card for just about every purchase. It seems you can easily go a week or more without spending any cash—and at the end of the month, you pay[…]