Trading Basics

Stock Trading Basics
Koyfin’s Market Movers

Using Koyfin’s Market Mover Feature Modern traders take today’s technology for granted. At one time, trading from home was extremely challenging. So much so, that many successful floor traders found they were unable to transition … read more Koyfin’s Market Movers

Stock Trading Basics
Stock Split

To test a child’s knowledge of money and math (and as an easy way to make a buck) I will sometimes offer my niece or nephew two nickels in exchange for just one quarter. Sometimes … read more Stock Split

Wanderer April
April Trades

Trading can be intimidating for those who haven’t done it before, or don’t do it very often. At Wanderer we try to demistify the stock market. We make trading simple and straightforward for our subscribers. … read more April Trades

The Opportunity Cost of Trading

When I was sixteen and bought my first car, I did everything to keep that car on the road by myself. When it was time to wash the car, it was me who applied the … read more The Opportunity Cost of Trading

Trading Leveraged Funds

Before we get started let’s define what a leveraged fund is. A leveraged fund seeks to amplify the returns of the underlying index or etf that it follows. These funds generally seek returns of 2x … read more Trading Leveraged Funds

Stock Trading Basics
Risk Management — A Simple How to Guide

If I lose 5% on a trade then I need a 5% winner to get back to even. Right? Wrong. There’s some pretty simple math we can use to show you how you can manage … read more Risk Management — A Simple How to Guide

Stock Trading Basics
Risk Management in Trading — Loss Aversion

Avoiding Your Loss Aversion Loss aversion is the well known phenomenon that explains why our brain assigns more negative weight to losing $100 than it does positive weight to a $100 gain. Because of this … read more Risk Management in Trading — Loss Aversion

Stock Trading Basics
Using Stops to Manage Risk

At Wanderer Financial we harp on the absolute necessity of a trader to strategically manage their risk when trading. There’s a reason we do that—risk management is the number one thing that separates who will … read more Using Stops to Manage Risk

Stock Trading Basics
Trading Basics—The MA Cross Signal

The market provides different opportunities for different time frames. Some traders prefer to focus on the very long-term trend, while others look at the short or the intermediate-term movements for trades. For most traders, it … read more Trading Basics—The MA Cross Signal

Trading Basics—Time and Price

Two critical components of our trading style are TIME and PRICE. Most market participants and inexperienced traders tend to ignore the time element and focus solely on price. Adding time to our analysis gives us … read more Trading Basics—Time and Price