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Wandering Through a Pandemic

I love being a Wanderer. There could be no better life for me. Unless, that is, there’s a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! Yeah, there’s a thought I’d never had until a few weeks ago. This was a … read more Wandering Through a Pandemic

Wandering Life
Google Fi for Digital Nomads

Is Google Fi the digital-nomad answer to staying connected? For most digital-nomads showing up in a new location, buying a SIM card from a local carrier, and getting connected is second nature. Most countries make … read more Google Fi for Digital Nomads

Wandering Life
My Work Life

My entire working life has revolved around trading. First at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, and then in the pits of the Chicago Board of Trade—screaming, jumping, and waving my hands in the air all day … read more My Work Life

Guatemala City Ideal for Digital Nomads and Wanderers
Guatemala for Wanderers

Digital Nomad Life in Guatemala My family just wrapped up a summer living the digital nomad life in Guatemala. We motored up the Rio Dulce in June in order to avoid the Caribbean hurricane season. … read more Guatemala for Wanderers

Do Miles Matter?

If you were looking at two used cars that were identical except for the number of miles, which of the two would you choose? If you answered the one with the least miles, you are … read more Do Miles Matter?

Boat Trading

Bumfuzzle at anchor in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. Remote workers. Digital nomads. Whatever the term of the moment is for it, the ability to work with nothing but a computer and an internet connection has … read more Boat Trading

Wanderer Financial - World Currencies - Digital Nomad Travels
Stretch Your Travel Funds–Comparing Currencies

World Currencies As a traveler and trader I can’t help but look at world currencies from a somewhat selfish standpoint. What I mean is, I look at a chart of the Argentinian Peso and think, … read more Stretch Your Travel Funds–Comparing Currencies

My Mobile Office

While some people have a nesting instinct, I love life on the road. It’s like the next corner is calling to me, begging to show me what is around it. After hundreds of thousands of … read more My Mobile Office

Finding Pesos, Exploring Mexico
Getting Those Pesos

You’re a Wanderer, in Mexico, and need money. What’s the best way to get it? In the States, like most people, I use a high rewards credit card for just about every purchase. It seems … read more Getting Those Pesos

Finding Internet in Mexico as a Stock Trader and Digital Nomad
Finding Internet in Mexico–Trading Stocks as a Digital Nomad

The beauty of being a Wanderer is the ability to work from anywhere, right? The goal of just about every traveler is figuring out a way to travel further and longer—becoming a digital nomad in … read more Finding Internet in Mexico–Trading Stocks as a Digital Nomad