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Valley of the Gods

Camping on BLM land in Utah with 2 bars of internet service from somewhere far away. One of the great benefits of modern technology is the ability to connect to the internet from almost anywhere. … read more Valley of the Gods

Trade From Anywhere

When I (Pat) started out as a trader in 1997, it was in the trading pits—first at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, and then the Chicago Board of Trade. In order to trade, my physical presence … read more Trade From Anywhere

Alternative Work Space

Pat’s 1966 Airstream at the Sayulita campground, fifty feet from the beach. Sometimes working inside our tiny homes just isn’t conducive to productivity. Fortunately, there are often good alternatives. For two months I worked from … read more Alternative Work Space

My Visit with the Bumfuzzles

Pat and Ali are the real deal. We’ve met them three times now, and each time they simply opened up their lives and accepted us for who we were. There are no pretenses, no discomfort, … read more My Visit with the Bumfuzzles