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ERIK O. – ★★★★★
“The information is relevant, comprehensible and most importantly, profitable. I quickly recovered the subscription cost many times over. Last month I earned 96% of my monthly nut from trading and 67% of those gains came from Wanderer Financial trades. Thanks for the great service, Pat and Lorin. Wishing us all many happy returns.” 



Are you ready to get started on the rest–and best–of your life?

Is your dream to hit the road, or the high seas, or even just spend your days with your toes in the sand instead of a pair of loafers? That drive to escape the “cog in the wheel” feeling of everyday life and find something different is what brings most of us together. What keeps us going, and why you’re here, is to fund that lifestyle for as long as we can, allowing us to live the dream longer. Here at Wanderer it’s a lifestyle for all of us, and we aim to work together to maintain and fund it just as long as we want.

A subscription to Wanderer Financial helps you to do precisely that in the most straightforward manner possible. Each week, Pat and Lorin teach you the fundamentals of trading and the habits and practices you’ll need to set yourself up for long-term success. You’ll be part of their daily chat community where you can discuss everything from trading to travel. They’ll teach you how to minimize risk and protect your portfolio. You’ll also get instant trade alerts so you can trade alongside of them in real-time. With over 50 years combined experience in the trading world, the lessons and insights you’ll gain over the course of your subscription will stay with you forever.

“Working with our subscribers and getting to know some of them and their unique stories has been extremely rewarding for Lorin and I. We have the most interesting, exciting, and cool group of newsletter subscribers on this planet! Because of that, we’re going forward more excited about the future of Wanderer than we would have thought possible.

We’re confident we can make money with our trading style whether we are in a bull market or a free-falling bear. We really want to drive home that this is something even total beginners can do with us, and it doesn’t require a lot of time. We average just two trades per week, and reading the weekly newsletter won’t eat up much of your time. Even if you’re a ‘non-financial type,’ you’ll still enjoy it!”

– Pat

Your Wanderer Financial Newsletter Subscription Includes:

  • Weekly Newsletter containing market commentary, trade setups, trading lessons, and stories unique to a wandering trader’s lifestyle.
  • Market Commentary containing:
    • News recaps – easy to understand, simplified review, of the global financial news.
    • Weekly trade setups – review of current trades, as well as potential trade setups that we are watching.
    • Simple, easy-to-understand charts with notes and explanations.
  • Real-time Trade Alerts delivered via email, text, Twitter, and our Wanderer App available for Apple® and Android® devices. Alerts include entry prices, exits, stop-losses, and percent of model portfolio allocated for trade
  • Wanderer Basecamp Daily Facebook Chat Group. The Wanderer’s version of digital corner pub where we can gather to chat stocks, trading, wandering goals, travel and the challenges we all face on our journey to living our ideal wandering life. Basecamp provides:
    • One-on-one mentoring in the Daily Chat
    • Guided lessons
    • Real-time trades discussed & analyzed
    • Chat with Pat, Lorin & fellow Wanderers
    • Guidance on saving, trading, travel & the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Complete Web Access to our subscriber-only site which includes:
    • Access to a member-only Trading Resource Center
    • Access to all past newsletters
    • Current trade updates
    • Beginner to Advanced Lessons & Guides
    •  Up-to-date trade portfolio
  • Mobility. This is the perfect trading system for anyone who wants to actively generate income while living a mobile lifestyle. It’s ideal for:
    • Retirees
    • Full-time travelers/wanderers
    • Trading enthusiasts who don’t want to devote their entire day to researching the markets, but still want to be actively involved, taking control of their portfolios.
    • Anyone who wants to trade, but still find plenty of time to enjoy life!

Wanderer Financial 5 star review“I just thought I’d come back and update my review. It’s been a little over a month since my initial review, and I wanted to let you know I’m still very pleased with what Wanderer Financial is putting out. It’s just a fantastic product! I’ve more than made up the subscription cost by just following the Trade Alerts and I’ve learned along the way. What more can you ask for? It’s more than paid for itself while teaching about trading!  – Chris B


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Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan
Not just great investment advice, but advice on how to keep lifestyle spending under control so no need to panic about... investments gone bad 🙂read more
Jason Sagen
Jason Sagen
Longtime Bumfuzzle follower here. Subscribed back in the summer and have been enjoying the education (and rewards)... along the way. Trading has always been a foreign language for me, and Wanderer has been a terrific resource! The detail and clarity outlining trading strategies are top notch. They also cover topics of historical relevance and tie in with current trades. Very well done and very pleased since joining.read more
George Pollard
George Pollard
An excellent guide to trading. While I don't have my entire nest egg involved, I have enough to see real profits. I... especially like the way risk is managed, I never worry that all my money may disappear. Well worth the price of admission!read more
Richard Marshall
Richard Marshall
I've followed Pat and his tribe for many years. I always admired his direct and honest accounts of his adventures. ... When I read his Living on the Margin book it was the first cogent explanation of the swing trading strategy I had been using. We were thrilled to hear about the newsletter and signed up. We have found it to be a great investment. Each newsletter is a concise and thoughtful lesson. I'm very appreciative of the lack of "investo-babble".read more
Becky Skipper Hickman
Becky Skipper Hickman
This really couldn't be any easier. I've considered subscribing to investment newsletters before, but never could... quite justify the price. Having followed Bumfuzzle for a few years and knowing they live off their investments, this felt like something I could really trust. Then, when I saw how really specific their alerts are, I couldn't pass it up. They educate along the way, and I still don't quite grasp everything they see in the charts, but they give exact instructions about how to set up the trades, and you just can't go wrong.read more
BJ Proffitt
BJ Proffitt
Finding Wanderer Financial after reading Pat's book Living on the Margin has lit a fire in me, and it has revealed a... path that will lead our family closer to our dream lifestyle! The possibility of using investments to fund our adventures sounded amazing, and after one month of actually doing it my enthusiasm is growing. After years of fantasizing about world travel, I finally left my full-time job to hit the road with my wife and kids almost two years ago. So far I've been doing self-employed contract work in the medical field about 50% of the time. Now with Wanderer Financial to boost our income, we hope for that 50% work time to shrink significantly and eventually get to 0%! Wanderer Financial makes it easy, and they also go above and beyond in offering the background information on why we are making each and every trade. I've already learned so much about investing and the various markets out there that provide opportunities to make money. Wanderer Financial is a fantastic way to make your dream of roaming the globe a reality!read more
Michael Ender
Michael Ender
Learning a ton from the newsletter, and I really appreciate the through explanations of the trades. With the return in... the first few months it has more than paid for itself.read more
Todd Schroeder
Todd Schroeder
I first contacted Pat a long time ago on the Samba website when he and his wife were travelling in their VW bus through... the America's...I knew his bumfuzzle site and was curious about how this great adventure was paid for?His answer was very simple "I made some good investments" no bravado, no bragging not trying to sell me a story...in fact I wanted more information!Many years later when "Live on the Margin" came out, I got the full answer I had hoped for... Now, after some time, reading, many disussions with Pat and many good trades later, I not only trust Pat completely, but also have the enormous benefit of knowing why each trade is made, what the indicators are being watched for the setup, what we are looking for in terms of profit and when we need to exit a trade! There is absolute transparency in the process as you learn.This is a wonderful addition to anyone's financial base and knowledge base around taking control of your own money, but with a person guiding you through the process you will actually trust and even like!I cannot reccomend Wanderer Financial enough!Todd SchroederBoulder Coread more
Hunter Amsbaugh
Hunter Amsbaugh
I love the trade alerts. I get into a trade and set my stops and get back to playing. This is great for me since I do... still have "The Job", but can check my trading account from my phone.read more
Erik Orton
Erik Orton
I’ve been following Pat online for years at Bumfuzzle. He encouraged me to pull the trigger and buy the sailboat,... Fezywig, that took my wife and our kids on a year-long trip through the Caribbean and back to NYC. I’m now following him into the world of trading and loving it! I’ve wanted to look over his shoulder for a long time and this is the perfect chance to learn from a pro. The information is relevant, comprehensible and most importantly, profitable. I quickly recovered the subscription cost many times over. Last month I earned 96% of my monthly nut from trading and 67% of those gains came from Wanderer Financial trades. Thanks for the great service, Pat and Lorin. Wishing us all many happy returns.read more
Joe Holle
Joe Holle
The first trade I ever made was in early June shortly after signing up for the newsletter. I had read through all the... previous published newsletters and trading articles. I learned how to make a buy and sell and how to protect myself with a stop order. I follow the alerts and let the winners run and stop the down swings with a small loss. The results have been excellent, my gains have been significant. I could not be happier with the well written newsletters and with the personal trading advice.read more
Bill Hotaling
Bill Hotaling
As a newbie to trading, the newsletter is perfect. The Trade alerts, awesome. You guys do all the research and heavy... lifting so we can keep plugging away at that 9-5 job until the day we break free. Thanks for all the research and analysis on each trade, this is the perfect setup.read more
Dan Derrick
Dan Derrick
I left my day job 7 months ago to travel the world with a little money saved up that I planned to find a way to turn... into more. The Wanderer Newsletter is just what I was looking for to get involved in the markets at a level I can monitor and still have time to relax and explore. The explanations for what's going on in the market touch all levels, from the novice to the experienced trader, you can choose your level of involvement. Trade alerts provide real time guidance for all trades making the process comfortable. Really an exceptional service.read more
George Meyer
George Meyer
I've been a member just over a month. I've known enough about the market and charts to be a danger (to myself) and... wanted to say that the breakdowns Pat & Lorin provide on the market, charts, and trade timing have been well stated and easy to understand....not to mention pretty dang accurate.I appreciate the level of expertise they bring and I am really enjoying this level of trading!!!read more
Arielle Schmitt
Arielle Schmitt
I am brand new to trading and I couldn't be happier with Wanderer Financial. I have followed Pat and his family's blog... for years and I was thrilled when he offered this newsletter. I trust the strategic and I think fairly conservative trading style they employ. I am learning so much while still being able to enter trades (before I really possess the knowledge to enter these trades on my own). I am using money that was just sitting in a bank account to earn money and learn.read more
Chris Burns
Chris Burns
Another great newsletter this week! I'm really enjoying reading them and learning about trading. Keep up the good... work!read more
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