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Our customer’s say it best:
ERIK O. – ★★★★★
“The information is relevant, comprehensible and most importantly, profitable. I quickly recovered the subscription cost many times over. Last month I earned 96% of my monthly nut from trading and 67% of those gains came from Wanderer Financial trades. Thanks for the great service, Pat and Lorin. Wishing us all many happy returns.” 

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Launching Wanderer about in May of last year, we honestly weren’t sure what to expect. Would our subscribers understand what we were doing? Could they make the trades we make, and could they Wander while doing so? Could we continue to trade successfully with hundreds of others “looking over our shoulder?” We’re excited that we can honestly say yes to all of the above. The Wanderer portfolio is up 26.4% for since May of 2017 (when we first went live with the service), and our subscribers have told us repeatedly that they are thrilled with how easy it is to follow along whether they are hiking, sailing, on a conference call, at their desk pretending to work, at their desk actually working, or under the car turning a wrench.

This endeavor has been very rewarding for us, and we’re heading into 2018 more excited about the future of Wanderer than we would have thought possible. We’re confident we can make money with our trading style whether we are in a continued bullish market or a free falling bear. We really want to drive home that this is something even total beginners can do with us, and it doesn’t require a lot of time. We’re confident that besides the following along with our trades, you will also learn a ton about the markets and finance in general. We average just two trades per week, and reading the weekly newsletter won’t eat up much of your time either. Even if you’re a “non-financial type,” you’ll still enjoy it!

So why not kick off 2018 the right way? Make money, learn a new skill, and do it all while wandering wherever your adventurous life leads you—subscribe to the newsletter today!

Wanderer Financial Newsletter Includes:

  • Weekly Newsletter containing market commentary, trade setups, trading lessons, and stories unique to a wandering trader’s lifestyle.
  • Market Commentary containing:
    • News Recaps – easy to understand, simplified review, of the global financial news.
    • Weekly trade setups – review of current trades, as well as potential trade setups that we are watching.
    • Simple, easy-to-understand charts with notes and explanations.
  • Real-time Trade Alerts delivered via email, text, Twitter, and our Wanderer App available for Apple® and Android® devices. Alerts include entry prices, exits, stop-losses, and percent of model portfolio allocated for trade.
  • Complete Web Access to our subscriber-only site which includes:
    • Access to a member-only Trading Resource Center
    • Access to all past newsletters
    • Current trade updates
    • Beginner to Advanced Lessons & Guides
    • Up-to-date Portfolio showing our complete Wanderer Trade history.
  • Mobility. This is the perfect trading system for anyone who wants to actively generate income while living a mobile lifestyle. It’s ideal for:
    • Retirees
    • Full-time travelers/wanderers
    • Trading enthusiasts who don’t want to devote their entire day to researching the markets, but still want to be actively involved, taking control of their portfolios.
    • Anyone who wants to trade, but still find plenty of time to enjoy life!

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