We currently have two main products for our subscribers to choose from. Our weekly newsletter and our add-on, mentoring service. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to help you decide which is the best for you.

Wanderer Newsletter

sale price $649 / year

•  Billed Annually

•  6-Month trial available at a slightly higher rate


Omentoring One-On-One

$99 / month

• Requires an active Wanderer Newsletter subscription to become a member (billed annually at $649/year).

• Wanderer Newsletter is billed annually. Omentoring is billed monthly, and you can cancel at any time.

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It's ideal for:

Traders of all experience levels—complete newbie to advanced.

•  Those that cannot be at their computers all day long. Most trades are 1-4 weeks on average and require little time to manage.

•  Anyone who wants to trade, but still find plenty of time to enjoy life!

•  Full-time travelers / wanderers

•  Trading enthusiasts who don’t want to devote their entire day to researching the markets, but still want to be actively involved, taking control of their portfolios.

•  Traders who want to learn how to systematically trade different sectors of the market, both up and down, while carefully managing risk.

It's ideal for:

More active traders of all experience levels (you'll learn as you go).

•  Requires significantly more screen time during trading hours. Trades typically last from less than an hour to a few days.

•  Traders wanting to learn how to earn outsized gains through the use of options.

•  Active traders with more time to spend managing their trades.

•  Trading enthusiasts who want to take a more active role in exchange for the returns made possible with high leverage. Options trading involves significant leverage, which offers large returns on relatively small moves, but also requires a hands-on approach to properly manage risk.

What you will learn:

A comprehensive education in financial markets and stock trading. We cover everything from basic concepts and terminology, to more advanced market analysis. Learn as much or as little as you want, and do so at your own pace.

•  How to identify high probability trades with high reward-to-risk ratios.

•  How to manage risk effectively by identifying correct exit levels.

•  Financial and economics lessons delivered via email and hosted on our website.


What you will learn:

Everything Included with Wanderer Subscriber Access PLUS:

• How to identify trades, read charts, manage risk, and maximize profit with the use of options.


What you get:

•  52 weekly newsletters that break down the current market conditions, and discuss potential trade setups.

• 12 months of real-time trade alerts delivered via email + instant notifications to your mobile device.

• ''Start Here Email' upon sign up to make getting started as easy as possible.

• Financial and Economics Lessons delivered via email and hosted on our website.

•  Access to a subscriber-only Member's University Trading Resource Center.

•  Access to all past newsletters.

•  Current trade updates, and access to all past trade updates.

•  Beginner to advanced lessons & guides

•  Up-to-date trading portfolio showing our complete Wanderer Trade history.

•  BONUS: Wanderer Wonderings Email


What you get:

Everything Included with Wanderer Subscriber Access PLUS:

•  One-on-One Mentoring – Pat and Lorin are available for questions via email, live chat, or direct message.

•  Daily Live Chat that discusses—in real-time—the financial markets, possible setups, charts, current trades, and more.

•  Real-time analysis and discussion of our core stocks and both OMentoring and Wanderer trades.

•  In-depth chart analysis.

• Real-time trade alerts within the chat, PLUS alerts via Slack Chat's app.

• Over 100 OMentoring Student Articles including options-specific lessons.

• Direct access to Pat & Lorin who have over 50+ combined years of experience as professional investors, traders and wanderers.

• The camaraderie of a tight-knit, supportive group of like-minded, fun-loving individuals who currently enjoy or aspire to a wandering lifestyle. Many of our OMentoring students are longtime Bumfuzzle followers and also live a lifestyle that gives them the freedom to travel and trade. In OM, we learn from each other.

Why is a Wanderer Newsletter Subscription a Full Year?

Nobody can force the market to bend to their will. We can't make good trades appear on a weekly schedule, any more than we can make a pig fly. We very specifically chose one year as our subscription basis because we don't want to feel pressured into taking trades that we're not extremely confident in. We've been at this a long time, and we've both witnessed firsthand what happens to traders who fall into this trap of needing to find trades on a schedule. The fact is, the markets don't care about your schedule. So, we'd hate to have someone sign up for Wanderer during a period when the markets aren't particularly conducive to trading. They might spend a month or two with us, then decide we aren't doing our job, only to cancel and have the biggest trade of the year come up the next week. We honestly feel that one year gives both of us the best chance of success.

On top of that, it takes time to learn. If you are paying attention to the newsletter and reading the blog posts, it'll likely take you a couple of months just to feel confident and familiar with what is going on. We guarantee that if you commit just a bit of time and effort into Wanderer, you will learn a tremendous amount about how the markets work, and lessons you can take with you to improve your returns on your own in the future.

Wanderer Financial 5 star review

The Wanderer Newsletter is just what I was looking for . . .

"I left my day job 7 months ago to travel the world with a little money saved up that I planned to find a way to turn into more. The Wanderer Newsletter is just what I was looking for to get involved in the markets at a level I can monitor and still have time to relax and explore. The explanations for what's going on in the market touch all levels, from the novice to the experienced trader, you can choose your level of involvement. Trade alerts provide real time guidance for all trades making the process comfortable. Really an exceptional service."

- Dan D.