With over 45 years of combined experience, we have developed a system that combines time and price in a way that minimizes risk, while getting us in at the very early stages of significant price moves. With our tried-and-true formula of carefully measuring risk against potential reward, we avoid major portfolio drawdowns. This system protects us from substantial losses, while at the same time keeps us in our winning trades long enough to maximize our profits.

While the camaraderie, mutual interests we all share, and the sense of community we get by being a part of the Wanderer Group has been rewarding for all involved, the bottom line is that we are all here to grow our portfolios through trading. You can see an example below of our most recent month, as of this writing. During the month we had 6 winning trades, 3 losses, and 1 break-even. The highest percentage trade win was 12.8%, while the highest percentage trade loss was 3.2% (which also came on a smaller sized trade). We only held our losing trades for an average of 3.3 days, while we held our winners 15.5 days. In other words, we cut our losses quickly, and let our winners run. Best of all, none of this requires us to be sitting in front of our computer screens all day.

One-Month Example of Wanderer Financial Trading

BeginEndTicker% / #SharesEntryExit% Trade GainPortfolio
9/20/199/25/19CDE15% / 3200$5.151/3 @ $5.67
2/3 @ $5.88
9/19/199/25/19XEL15% / 260$64.07$65.231.8%$110,457
9/19/199/25/19PAYX15% / 200$83.20$81.18(2.4%)$110,156
9/5/199/17/19WYNN15% / 145$112.201/3 @ $119.65
2/3 @ $113.95
9/10/199/17/19BIDU10% / 100$109.65$109.650%$110,031
8/29/199/16/19T15% / 460$35.15$37.396.4%$110,031
8/29/199/16/19TXN15% / 130$124.931/3 @ $130.00
2/3 @ $128.29
9/11/199/12/19BIIB10% / 50$234.00$226.49(3.2%)$108,491
8/2/199/5/19GLD20% / 160$135.76$142.955.3%$108,867
8/20/198/23/19GOOG15% / 14$1188.00$1166.00(1.9%)$107,717
Wanderer Financial Newsletter performance using a model portfolio of $100,000.