The Journey to Your Ideal Wandering Life Just Got Easier

If there was a pub near you filled with your fellow Wanderers swapping travel stories and comparing trading notes, would you stop by and join the conversation? So would we. But, until that day comes, the closest alternative is our private members-only live chat group—Wanderer Basecamp. It's our digital version of the corner pub for Wanderer members, and it's free with your membership. It's the place where you'll be able to visit with fellow wanderers, talk trading with Pat, Lorin, and others, follow and monitor active trades more closely, and learn all you need to know about life on the Wandering side.


And, in the spirit of a true basecamp, you can get answers to your trading and mobile lifestyle questions from those who've gone before you. When you stop by Basecamp, you'll find resources to help you:


✔  Avoid common trading mistakes that result in big losses

✔  Understand the role emotions play in trading

✔  Achieve consistent results to realize your goals faster

✔  Figure out the resources you'll need for the mobile life you want

✔  Buy the right mobile rig for your unique lifestyle

✔  Overcome hiccups along the journey


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We Wander Ourselves, And You Can Too!

Making the transition to a full-time digital nomad life can be scary and overwhelming, especially if you don't have a trusted advisor to turn to for guidance. We know, because we’ve been through the process ourselves! So have many of your peers that are in this group. The Wanderer Basecamp Private Group is essentially our digital “corner pub". It's where you will:

  • learn the nuances of trading at an accelerated pace
  • have the chance to chat with Lorin, Pat and your fellow wanderers
  • attain valuable insight on the Pretirement, wandering lifestyle from those who are living it
  • Mentor and be mentored by those who are all at various stages of the same journey you’re on.

As a participant of Basecamp, you'll reach your goals faster and with less headaches than you ever imagined. Before you know it, you’ll be the one with the experience and knowledge who is able to offer guidance and advice to the next aspiring Wanderer. Self-sufficient wanderers are incredible people. Their shared experiences, personal stories, and unique perspectives are inspiring to all of us. We're willing to bet you'll fit right in, and we're eager to have you join us. See you in Basecamp.


“You gotta love it! Trading – with thanks to your timely Trade Alerts – while cruising through three locks today. I was able to sell one position and buy into another all while riding down a single 85-foot lock.”

- GUY W.

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