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Bumfuzzle at anchor in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.
Bumfuzzle at anchor in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.

Remote workers. Digital nomads. Whatever the term of the moment is for it, the ability to work with nothing but a computer and an internet connection has become a life goal for many. And it’s never been as attainable as it is now.

We recently spent a few weeks in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Just a few years ago this would have required finding an internet cafe of some sort in town, but today it only required one quick stop at the Claro cellular company office (a small wooden shack on the only road through town) to buy a Sim card. Honduras isn’t particularly cheap when it comes to data, but for about $4 per gigabyte I could sit on my boat and work, streaming wifi from an iPad. When things get slow, I jump in the water. When I get hungry, I scrounge in the fridge. When the kids have a question, they ask me. When the market stops showing any opportunities for the day, I log off. No commute other than a dinghy ride to shore for dinner.

Bumfuzzle in Utila

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