Dividend Portfolio

It's been about three months since we checked in on the Dividend Portfolio with a full update. So let's have a look at what is going on.

As of 8/17/20 the $20,000 account is sitting at $22,791, up 14% since we began in March.
Dividends paid have totalled: $484.08
If dividends have been reinvested the account is currently up 16.4%

We added two stocks since the last update, bringing us to 95% invested.


This is our real-estate trade. We were early on this trade, but it's slowly making its way back. There is significant resistance at this $10 level, but once it pushes through there it could really pop. They have resumed paying their monthly dividend, which is of course a very good sign. If you haven't bought this one yet, this makes a pretty good entry. Dividend yield from here would be about 12%.


We bought Atlantica at an 8.2% dividend yield level. This is turning into a real beauty. The stock is up 54% and should only continue to raise the dividend, and our yield along with it.


This one hasn't performed, moving sideways for the past three months. Still down about 12%, but paying the dividend monthly. This is still a buy here. This rangebound trade won't last forever.


Canadian Imperial Bank is up 26% for us—up from 1% at the last update—and we're earning a 7.1% dividend yield on it. Approaching some resistance, but a breakout above $74.57 should send it up significantly.


This is now up a healthy 51%, in addition to paying us a healthy 9.4% dividend yield. Ex-dividend date is coming up in the next two weeks and should give us another nice payment. In the last update we mentioned, "The chart has built some resistance at $37.74, a level we'd love to see get taken out now, as it would likely lead to a run to the $44 level." The stock blew through the $37.74 level the next day, and now as I write this the stock is at $44.71. We've now got resitance to get through at $46.00 and could see a run up to the $55 level from there.


LEO is up 29% and is paying us a 7.4% dividend yield. Bit of a pullback the past few days, but the chart is getting a fresh golden cross signal (50-DMA across the 200-DMA) and should continue right back on up to the $9.00 level.


We are currently up 34%. Unfortunately in July the company announced a sharp cut to their dividend that sent the stock back to $15. However, the stock found support immediately and climbed right back to $20. We expect the dividend to be raised again in the coming quarter. From the last update: "Any pullback to the ~$15.00 range should be seen as an entry for anyone that missed the initial trade." So far that would have worked perfectly.


We bought this one very near the bottom, with a 6.7% dividend yield, and are currently up 46% on the stock itself. We've got some resistance to work through at this $39 level, but in the meantime we've got strong profits and a steady dividend. From the previous update: "A pullback to ~$30.00 would still represent a good entry price." That happened in July, and it's been straight up since.


T has been up and down a bit, but currently sitting at break-even for us. They have continued to pay their dividend, however. The stock is sitting right on the trendline and should still be a buy here for those that missed the initial entry. It represents a 7% dividend yield here.


We bought this mid-stream oil and gas company based on the strong recovery in oil prices. Our hope was that they would maintain their strong dividend based on that recovery, and they didn't disappoint. we just recieved our first dividend which represents an over 18% dividend yield annually. In addition we're up 7% on the stock. This is still a buy, in our opinion.


We purchased the MJ etf with an eye towards 2021. We believe that a Biden win could well end in a severe loosening of regulations in this industry, if not flat out legalization eventually. The stock has been steadily grinding sideways along this $12.65 area, and could very well see lower prices before it moves higher, but for now we're content to own this with a roughly 8% dividend yield. This remains a buy.