While some people have a nesting instinct, I love life on the road. It’s like the next corner is calling to me, begging to show me what is around it. After hundreds of thousands of leisurely miles, I still get excited for a road trip. I’ve traded from the passenger seat of a car, truck, motel and motorcycle. Lately, I’ve been doing most of my road trips in my motorhome, and I can say with certainty that it is hard to beat having the same office every morning. I love to wake up, make a cup of coffee, and see what happened in the world while I slept. But to also have a different view out of my office window each morning is a fantastic added bonus.

I use ATT’s mobile unlimited wifi for $20/month (luckily grandfathered in from many years ago) and my motorhome is a roaming hotspot. I am rarely somewhere that data isn’t fast and plentiful. I set up a small desk in my motorhome with an added monitor, and I have the entire world at my finger tips. With my mobile office, I plan to keep on keeping on for as long as it suits my galavanting ways.