Pat and Ali are the real deal. We’ve met them three times now, and each time they simply opened up their lives and accepted us for who we were. There are no pretenses, no discomfort, no expectations. They are who they are on the blog, and they accept us at face value. Period.

They have no desire for material things, and not much desire for comfort if it gets in the way of their lifestyle. Their one extravagance is the kids. In a setting where storage space is at a premium, the kids and their toys get the lions share. The kids get their attention and their time. It’s refreshing really, almost old fashioned.

Pat’s trading has a lot of similarities.

I had a lot of questions when we met this time. Questions about markets and setups, and what to do with my ROTH. Our previous meetings were all before OMentoring so I was going to make good use of our time together.

But I asked almost none of my questions. They just didn’t seem important. In a stripped down lifestyle built for what is important to them, Pat trades the same way: Support and resistance and understanding the news flow. That’s it.

His one extravagance is the trading group. We get the lions share of his attention most of the trading day; checking out the markets in the morning, following up on potential trades, answering questions, and once in a while making a trade of his own. He is genuinely happy when we win, and pained when we lose—especially if it comes from bad choices on our part.

For a long time I have had a mental image of a pair of geese on the water sedately moving along with feet paddling furiously away underwater and I think that’s a pretty good description of the two of them. They don’t look like they are working very hard on the surface, but they know where they are going and they have a plan to get there.

Every time I explain to someone who the Bumfuzzles are, and what they do, I am reminded of how much they have influenced us and how much Pat has already influenced my trading. My life is much simpler than it was ten years ago and my trading is getting more focused all the time.

Until the next time Bumfuzzles—Thanks for the welcome and for being true to yourselves.

-Kevin Eicher, subscriber and friend

Pat's Bumfuzzle blog about the visit together: