Wandering in the USVIs

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As far as locations for trading from your boat go, the USVIs are surely one of the best. Beautiful water, convenient towns, interesting snorkeling and wildlife, perfect temperatures, terrific cellular signals, and the list goes on. I've been here two weeks so far and will spend about another month before moving off to prepare for hurricane season. Maybe that's the one downside of the USVIsā€”the threat of hurricanes from July through November.

Since the USVIs are a U.S. territory, those of you from the States won't have any additional work to do in order to get a cellular plan up and going. Personally, I was coming from Puerto Rico where I had purchased an unlimited plan with T-Mobile. I didn't have to do anything at all when I moved 100 miles to the USVIs. LTE data is fast and coverage is excellent. Trade from anywhere.

Overall, the USVIs make a fantastic base to trade from. If you are a water lover you'll find countless beaches to choose from when you just don't feel like watching the stock market any longer. From an affordability standpoint, it isn't necessarily great, however. If you aren't floating out here on your own boat, expenses will add up quickly. A quick scan of Airbnb shows you won't find a whole lot in the way of short-term rentals for under $100/night, though you might score some longer-term rentals with some digging. Nearby Puerto Rico might be a better choice for a more budget friendly destination nearby, and I'd give it very much the same review I've given up above for the USVIs. For easy Caribbean living, and digital-nomad trading, the U.S. territories of the USVIs and Puerto Rico are pretty great.

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