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Financial Lessons and Investing Basics for Kids

Kids Have Opinions, Too

In March, Roblox went public via a widely touted IPO. Anyone with kids who own an iPad knows about Roblox.

"Hey you guys, Roblox is going public today, do you want to buy some?"

9yo son: "I think it's going to go down."

"Really, why?"

11yo daughter: "Everyone hates their last update. They added voice chat and everyone says they hate it."

All righty then. I guess we'll pass on the IPO.

I don't know what they were talking about, really. All I know is that it took me ages to agree to allow them to download Roblox, and when I did I made them sign up with their true ages. That severely limited what they could access in Roblox, and is probably the number one reason they only played it for a couple of weeks before it made its way into the dustbin of unused apps. Based on what I've heard from other parents, this is not usually the case. The company has been growing exponentially, and its IPO value was north of $30 Billion. Crazy, right?


A few weeks later we were looking at their portfolios again, and they had some cash in the account to put to work. This time they had changed their tune on the Roblox update. Turns out the voice chat thing wasn't really a big deal after all. "Yeah, we want to buy it now."

They got in April 20th for $69.24.

Another few weeks passed and we were discussing their portfolios again. I explained that their Roblox purchase was almost perfectly timed, and they were already up 38%.

"Cool. That's good."

They're already playing it cool with big winners. Nine and eleven, and they've got the trader's ice in their veins already. Or... they're just learning that when you buy-and-hold stocks with a ten-plus year time horizon, a few weeks return is meaningless. Big picture thinking at its finest.


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This post was written from the boat in Bonaire. Our children are truly Wanderers, and are earning their trading chops all over the world. But aside from learning about investing, they are enjoying a lot of scuba diving, and windsurfing. We've also spent time at the Bonaire donkey sanctuary, and exploring the National Park, scattered lighthouses, and digging into the Caribbean history of the island. Hands on learning and experiences out in the world.

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