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This Wanderer who posted the comment above has been spending the summer hurricane season on the East Coast in a boatyard, doing all sorts of work to get his boat ready for the winter sailing season in the islands. His situation is the perfect Wanderer dilemma we try to solve for you. How can you be doing the things you really want to be doing, like preparing your boat for the next few months at sea, and earn money at the same time?



You can see in the chart of the Dow during that period that it wasn’t a particularly profitable one. In fact, it was rather volatile and choppy. However, he came out of that period with profits aplenty.

This Wanderer is a fairly active participant in our Basecamp group, where in addition to our normal Wanderer Financial trades, we point out other interesting setups that may be suitable for a more active trader. This doesn’t mean you need to be sitting at a computer staring at the screen. Most Basecamp participants just set up alerts on their phone, and have a quick look throughout the day. If a trade is pointed out and they want to take it, they can place their order, then place a stop, and go back about their day.

When Tesla (TSLA) was trading at $369 and sitting right on its 50-DMA on September 24th we told our Basecamp group it was a buy with a stop below that day’s low of $351. Over the next three weeks, Tesla rallied to $465 for a 26% gain. This trader had bought a 15% portfolio size at $369, which sounds considerable, but with a stop price of $351 constituted just a .75% risk to his overall portfolio.


These types of trades are perfect for our more active traders in the Basecamp group, but not necessarily for our Wanderer portfolio trades because they do have an element of timeliness to them. Just the day before, Tesla had triggered a sell signal. It wasn’t a good one, with the 50 and 200-DMAs still rising, but that would be enough to keep us out of our medium-term geared trades for Wanderer. For the short-term trader in Basecamp this one worked out perfectly, and because it rallied so quickly from there he was able to hold on to it.

A few days after that we entered a trade in CAT right as it triggered our Wanderer Financial buy indicator. The stock was moving above an old resistance level, as well as popping through the 20-DMA. The signal was a good one, with sharply rising 20- and 50-Day moving averages.

It’s worth noting that we placed our stop a bit below the 50-Day moving average. This wasn’t a random choice. You can see looking back at the CAT chart that it hadn’t fallen below the 50-DMA since May, despite testing that level a number of times. Two days after we bought CAT it dropped sharply, testing the 50-DMA support, and once again holding that level, before rocketing higher the rest of the day. It then carried on almost straight up the next three weeks.


These are the types of trades you can expect as part of Wanderer Financial. Well thought out, and well executed, without the need to spend every waking minute monitoring the stock market. We can do the legwork for you, freeing up your time, and energy, for the things you really love doing—whatever that might be.

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