Our Interview with Justin – Wanderer Member, Friend, & Globetrotter

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Member Name: Justin

Date: 12/14/20


We love meeting up with our members around the world. Justin (left) and Lorin have bumped into one another in different places a couple of times now. There’s a long list of perks that come with a Wandering Lifestyle. Life-long friendships and shared experiences are definitely near the top.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what drew you to the Wandering life?


"I work in the movie business and often travel for extended periods of time with different productions. Getting to live in a new place for months at a time is drastically different/more fulfilling experience than just passing through. My wife was born with the travel bug, so we usually take part of every year to add another corner of the world to our travelogue. Before COVID, we took a year off and homeschooled our boys (12,7) while traveling (and trading with Pat & Lorin!) through Europe, Africa and South America."
Before you joined Wanderer, what was your biggest stumbling block as a trader?


"Stupidity, mostly. I’m a writer so my number skills are hovering around a third-grade level. In my thirties, I wanted to get a “grown ups” handle on my investments, so started reading and opened a few accounts. I learned a bit (mostly how to lose money), but always knew there was an entire skyscraper of knowledge above me that I was unable to access and profit from."

How has your trading changed since becoming a member of Wanderer Financial?


"While my general I.Q. has most likely back-slid, my investment intelligence is an order of magnitude greater than it was before. Pat & Lorin have literally changed my life. At first, I just followed along with their trades, asking a few questions here and there and devouring the weekly newsletter. Gradually, the charts and jargon and playing field started to slow down and make sense, and soon I was trading on my own. Where most people I know took a hit in the first part of 2020, Wanderer had us mostly in cash as the S&P fell. I was able to short a number of stocks, then flip my strategy as the market turned, helping me realize my best year as an investor."

Has being part of Wanderer impacted your lifestyle or retirement goals in any way?


"My wife and I calculated our retirement number and figured we had about a decade to get to where we could live off our income without limiting our lifestyle. In the past three years with Wanderer, that timetable has dropped to just over two years. We’re buying our “retirement” house in Portugal this summer, which we’ll use as a base to travel."

What advice would you give to new members who are just starting out?


"My advice would be to go through the lessons on the website and don’t hesitate to ask questions of Pat & Lorin, or the Basecamp community at large. There’s a great “in this together” feeling on the message board, so no question is “too newb” as my kids would say. Something that helped me greatly was going back and reading past issues of the newsletter so I could follow the timeline of the market and the group’s trades over a period of time."

Is there anything I didn't ask you that you wish I would have?


"The answer is yes, it can be hard walking the earth with this much sex-appeal. I try not to trip over it. 😄 "


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