Afternoon Shift—Trading From Eastern European Summer Time

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Trading the U.S. Markets From Europe

Does the Eastern European Summer Time Zone work for Americans?

It seems as we get older, we get a bit crusty and set in our ways. At least I can say that I do. Over the years, I’ve developed a fairly typical routine where I wake up early, make some coffee, flip open the laptop and see what the world is waking up too. 

Usually, when I am waking up, the Asian stock markets are close to ending their trading day, and the European indexes have just opened. By reviewing those indexes, I can get a good feel for what the US market sentiment will likely be, and where the US markets will then begin trading when they open a couple of hours later. After reviewing the market indexes, I like to read the news and scan the economic calendar for anything that might change the existing sentiment. 

By the time I’ve done my due diligence, the US market is stirring and ready to open. By the time I am fully awake, the market is ready to rock. If you do something long enough, it will develop into a habit and take very little thought. That is what can make change so difficult at first. 

Recently, I made a trip to Helsinki to visit friends and relatives. As great as Finland can be during the summer, jumping ahead seven hours can really mess with the internal clock! It was one thing to get used to going to sleep in what is usually the middle of the afternoon, but suddenly, waking up in the morning didn’t mean the markets were waking up with me. 

Instead, the US market was still in its peaceful slumber. I would wake up, and then need to wait until 4:30 PM before the US markets opened. There isn't anything wrong with trading in the afternoon, but it took a bit of getting used to having the first half of the day off. What was great, was that my European friends and family would wake each morning with fun things for us to do together, and I'd have all day to get out and enjoy them without distraction.


Europe is ideal for anyone that both works a job, and trades the US markets. They can work during the day, and then trade in the evening. In the US, obviously, working hours tend to overlap with the stock market.

Finland has excellent internet connectivity and it is a very simple matter to find good high-speed access and a comfortable place to trade from. Pretty much no matter where you go, your phone will have full service that is fast and reliable. And with the excellent coffee shops in any of their towns, there is more than enough portable office space to work from.

All in all, I really enjoyed trading while in Europe. I was able to spend long days with family and friends, and as evening came around I was able to spend it quietly going through stock charts and chatting online with my fellow Wanderers.

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