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St. Croix, USVI

I've been cruising around St. Croix in the USVIs for the past month and I have to say, it's pretty great. St. Croix is only about thirty-five miles from St. Thomas and St. John, but it's a much different feel. It's a quiet place, known for its scuba diving, pretty water, clean beaches, and little else. We arrived on our boat in Frederiksted, a small town of about 3,000 on the west end of the island. With the prevailing winds out of the east the waters here are generally nice and calm. Anchored off the town we had spotted eagle rays and sea turtles all around us.

The town itself has a very nice waterfront park, a couple of small groceries, a handful of pretty good restaurants, and half a dozen dive shops. It's really all you need. Occasionally, we have to grab a taxi two miles down the road to the larger grocery store and to fill up the dinghy gas tank, but that's about it. If you are looking for a quiet place to get in the water, sit on a beach, and trade from, it's more than enough.

Like I have throughout Puerto Rico and the USVIs, I used a T-Mobile unlimited cellular data plan for all my internet needs. I also have a Google Fi plan, but haven't needed that here. Cell service has been steady and strong, perfect for trading from the boat.


St. Croix is renowned for its diving. I took advantage of this to get Open Water Certified, along with my kids. We were then able to rent equipment, jump in the dinghy, and explore multiple nearby wrecks, as well as the big ship pier where we consistently saw turtles, and even seahorses. Cost to get certified was $400, which is a pretty decent price. After that the shop would rent a full kit and two tanks for $40 a day, allowing us to make a bunch of dives on our own.

We live on a boat, so bring our home with us wherever we go, but a quick look at Airbnb shows some decent looking places here for about $2,000/month. Rentals can probably be found cheaper in person once on island, but for those looking for a week to a month trip, it seems it can be made pretty reasonably on Airbnb. Once in St. Croix, aside from food and diving, there really isn't much to spend your money on. Like I said, it's a quiet place, perfect for relaxing long days in the sun, in the water, and online with a stock chart on the screen.

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